God Is One of Us Now

A few months ago, I realized that money was leaving my miniscule bank account left and right. The balance was shrinking each week, and there was no money coming in. Working always in cash, I seemed to lose money every now and then, too. And then, when working with someone in the village, I got to see that they have the same amount of money in their account as I do.

Later that day, I came to sit down and eat with the family I was staying with. I took off my hat, and said, “I have some news.” Then, in the good Ecuadorian Spanish that I had learned over the years, I told them all about what I just wrote above, and I finished with a pause as I presented my grand realization and point: “I’m no longer a gringo. Now, I’m an Ecuadorian.” It got a good laugh, and gets a good laugh when I tell others here the same story. But you know, it’s hard to explain in words how *happy* that seems to make every Ecuadorian feel when I tell them that story.

A few days ago, the president of the church in Chontal took the long trip to come and visit me while I’m getting my health stability back. I was moved by it. But then, after we ate in the hostel I’m staying in, she reached into her bag and started arranging some money while we were talking. Then she took out $100 and explained that the folks that had been coming to the Christmas novena had decided to give me the money that they had raised during the nine nights of the novena. I was completely surprised, and moved. And I also heard that same realization again, that now I am one of them.

At Christmas, God reveals to all of us that He’s one of us now. We don’t have just the gifts and favors and powers of God – we have God Himself with us, always. Jesus chose to become one of us, to be able to live with us and in us in everything, to give and receive with us.

Now is a season to let that reality be born again in our minds and hearts.

And give it space to let it make us happy.

God is one of us now.

And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. (Jn 1:14)


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