Be Planted to Bloom

I walk to get my groceries and one day I picked up a bag of greens and some tortilla chips. I opened my backpack to put them in and started with the greens. No go. Then the chips. No go. You see the backpack has a divider right in the middle of its open space, so nothing large can fit inside. I had to break down and get a new backpack.

Well, I decided I would give away my old backpack, so as I was passing through the city, I kept my eyes pealed to see if there were any obvious candidates. I walked around for over a mile, but the cold weather meant there weren’t many people out on the streets.

Finally, I passed through the shopping center at the Prudential tower in Boston, and I saw a Haitian woman who I recently noticed sits in the public area indoors and draws. I thought, maybe she could use a small backpack.

So, I stopped and asked her if she could use a backpack. As it turned out, yes. She needed something to carry all her pens and drawing instruments separately. She had markers, drawing paper, drawings, booklets, and other instruction manuals she was reading. She had one backpack, and now she could use another. And she had the light that came down from the glass ceiling inside the shopping center.

We got to introduce ourselves and talking, and she shared about learning some drawing techniques. Finally, I noticed what she was drawing: all flowers, in the process of blooming. I said, I’m glad to be able to help with some of the tools to help her bloom – like the flowers she was drawing.

If you’re like me and everyone else who grows up going to school and work, then you know that we do a lot of planning in our lives. We try to make something of our lives, like we are in the driver’s seat, like we are the ones in control.

But in reality, we are just like plants. If we stop trying to force results in life, and allow ourselves to be planted in the right place with light and peace, and trust that God will provide the tools we need, then we do what plants do.

We bloom.

Where do you really think God wants to plant you?

Trust in that.

And you’ll bloom.

He is like a tree planted near streams of water, that yields its fruit in season. (Ps 1:3)

A Happy Birthday to A Living Monstrance! Amazingly, it has been 14 years today since I posted my very first reflection. In a virtual way, I have found a place to be planted and bloom in writing and sharing these reflections, which are the lights that guide me along in life. Thank you for reading these, and if you’ve been a long-time reader, I hope these reflections have helped you find where to be planted. May God bless us all in this wonderful journey of life.


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