Support for Ximena Mina and Her Children – GOAL REACHED!

We’re there!

A big thank you to the generous people who once again gave so much so quickly: the campaign reached its goal in 6 days! We’ve raised $911 after fees. Through Barriers to Bridges, I will pay for the fees to get that amount to Ximena and her family by electronic banking.

This will be the last email sent out for the campaign. But I hope you tune in for the updates. I’ll be sending out follow-ups to newsletter subscribers as things unfold. And if you’re not subscribed, you can still continue to check in on follow-ups here:

I spoke with Ximena today, and I’m going to send over the names and a few photos of those who have donated. She’s of course very grateful and happy, and if she’s able to put together a response, I will be sure to post it on the page above.

So, thank you again, and know that you are always welcome to come along at

Best wishes for a safe and peaceful autumn,


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