Love from Above

I was in one of the popular tourist places in Ecuador one day when I got talking to the owner of a bar. He started off with some deep thoughts about the unity of everything, and then a conversation began. By the end of it, he was saying that it was unreasonable to think that there wasn’t life somewhere else in the universe (I would beg to differ, saying it was reasonable to be open to both possibilities 🙂 ). Anyway, by the end of the conversation, he finally revealed why he thought the aliens apparently don’t reveal themselves, why they stay away and hidden.

He said that they wouldn’t come until we all get along.

No love from above, huh?

If there is a difference between the Christian or Hebrew idea of God and other gods that have existed throughout human history, it’s this: God doesn’t wait for you to be good before coming to you. God comes to you to bring to fruition the good that is already in you. Our God is love.

The greatness of God is that He doesn’t stand at a distance waiting for you to change and be better before He comes to be with you. God comes to you as you are, that is enough for Him. Because He loves you, He loves me, He loves of all of us, and it’s that love in being with us that brings out the best in us, reconciles the wounds and confusions inside us, heals human divisions, and can grow us into a human society that gets along.

God is not like the aliens. He doesn’t wait until you’re better before coming to you. He comes to you so your life will be better. He is glad to be with you as you are, and letting the relationship grow is how your life and that of society can bloom to its ideal.

That’s love from above.

But God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. (Rom 5:8)

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