Everything Is Ours

OK, I have a little confession to make, in case you might get the wrong impression from reading the reflections I share here. Not everything in my life is wonderful and inspiring!

My little Barriers to Bridges effort doesn’t seem to get off the ground. It wasn’t the big hit that I thought it might be, and I invested a whole lot into it. Few people read my books or blog posts. I don’t fit into a category, so friends of old don’t quite get me, the steady church people, clergy and laity, don’t quite see things the same way, and the poor people I visit or live with are more interested in the financial doors I might open rather than the inspiration. I hardly find any money or support, I’m virtually un-hireable for anything but minimum work, and I’m never sure how I’ll survive for the next 6 months, as I live between two countries and their distinct worlds. And then, when I think about that, I look at what I left off to go down this path: having a wife and kids, having my own property, a professional career, financial security for retirement, a vibrant social life.

And self-pity knocks on the door for a little party (with social distancing of course). “Where is *mine*?”, it whispers.

In John’s Gospel, the story of the Last Supper is different from the others. Jesus takes off his garments to take the position of the house slave, and washes the feet of the disciples. That means he takes off all his position and office and security and money and power … everything that’s his, down to his raw humanity. But he has something in return: everything that’s God’s. “Everything of mine is yours and everything of yours is mine.” (Jn 17:10) See, that’s what I have in return. 🙂

When God invites us to share everything that is ours, it’s an invitation to a certain poverty of life, of losing what is ours, what is *mine*. Of losing success and comfort, popularity. Security. Instead, it means sharing in God’s experience – in this life and the next.

Because God invites us to share everything that’s ours for a good reason:

To give us everything that is His.

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