He Is Wearing It Too

Someone I know shared a story some years back about his first daughter. Around 2 years old, she had picked up a tough bug and was having the worst diarrhea. He called it, super poop. At one point, she was standing up while they were trying to change her, when suddenly the super poop launched. But because the diapers were sealed around her thighs, the super poop *backfired* and blasted upward, all over her chest and back and her arms. The poor girl freaked out, and in total desperation, looked at her parents and said one word: “HUG?”
I asked him, “What did you do?” He said, “I gave her the biggest bear hug of my life.” When he finally pulled back with his arms spread wide, his brand new $50 shirt was covered with super poop in the shape of his daughter. 🙂
I had been thinking of that story when, yesterday, myself and some of the family I’ve been staying with went out driving through the mountains to try to get some much needed cash. We drove an hour and a half, got through a couple of military and police roadblocks while being fumigated individually, to finally reach the only ATM in the zone. But, the person right in front of me got the last of the ATM’s money… I walked over to the church in the pueblo, and through the grating was a large crucifix that I looked at. And it occurred to me that all the crap that had shot up inside of me while I was walking from the ATM – the hurt and feelings of frustration and failure from doubts and fears – well, I remembered that the one who made me is wearing it, too. That experience made what was then turning out to be a really bad day, a really good one. And now there are some new plans in place to get some cash.
You know, that’s why that whole cross and crucifixion of Jesus is called Good. It’s that whatever hurts and wounds we might have from dark worries and thoughts from too much time thinking; or from feelings of guilt or failure in life; or from burnout or addictive impulses that quarantines trigger; or from feelings of doom or fear of the future; or from loneliness or being left out, or shame from social stereotypes or just a dysfunctional or even abusive upbringing; or from jealousy and impatience with people you’re around all the time, or the anxious need to have the quarantine end *now*; or from whatever guilt or shame you have from what you’ve done in the past; or from whatever anyone’s done to you – in short, whatever CRAP you got going on?
The one who was so happy to make you, is wearing it too.
I hope you experience something of a quarantine “hug” today.
And have a really Good Friday.

Yet it was our pain that he bore, our sufferings he endured. (Is 53:4)

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