Food in the Desert

Hungry during these times? I mean, on the inside.

You’re invited to come and check out this video presentation that I just finished making, called Food in the Desert.

It’s an introduction and a walk-through example that can help anyone to read and understand the four Gospels in the New Testament, and discover the food that God wants to provide when we’re hungry on the inside for something that’s life-giving.

The length is about 1 hour and 10 minutes and there are no breaks or activities that would be included in the workshop. So, feel free to take your own pauses, or even break it up over days.

I made this video presentation based on a presentation and workshop that I had started here in Ecuador, but had to stop on the very day that the shutdown due to the coronavirus began! In the time since, I was able to put this video presentation together in English (as well as one in Spanish).

Please send your constructive feedback along, I’d be grateful – and feel free to share!

I hope that you enjoy it, and that it helps you to find food for your soul during these days of the shutdowns and quarantines – and all the real desert experiences in our lives.


PS – Here’s the Spanish version, too!

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