Happy 12th Birthday

It was 12 years ago today, on March 5, 2008, that I posted my first reflection on a blog site called “Living Monstrance”. I had actually first gotten that idea for a name for my own personal vocation from discernment in prayer time a few years before that. The blog was originally on a Catholic blog site. In 2011 or 2012, I moved to WordPress for more options, and the name was changed slightly to “A Living Monstrance” because of reasons I don’t fully remember, but having to do with naming conflicts.

But I’m amazed and grateful that this has continued for 12 years. With each year, my perspective on it grows and changes. I’m looking forward to this year and the new graces that guide me.

Thanks for coming and reading for however opportunities you’ve had. I’m grateful for your support, and I hope these reflections are a support for you in your journey finding the hidden God in life.

Happy Birthday to the blog!

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