Dad’s Hand Does All The Work

A while ago I was in a local park, and as I was sitting and taking a rest, a man was walking by with an empty stroller. He had turned around and called out to his daughter, who looked to be somewhere around two years old. She was walking along slowly behind him, but when she called him, she picked it up to a little trot. He called out to her again, “Come one, help me push the carriage. Help Daddy push the carriage.”

So the girl – who could just barely walk herself – walked up quickly to the carriage and raised her hands as far as she could over her head, and they just reached the lower handle on the carriage. And she started pushing the carriage along – it was amazing! This tiny girl’s hands were as high as they could go – it was impossible that she could get enough force to move the carriage along with her arms out in front, never mind vertical in the air. But there she was, in something way over her head, but pushing the stroller along before my very eyes. You would think, something is missing here, something else is at play here.

And yes, I’m leaving something out.

OK, the Dad was doing all the pushing. There, walking alongside the carriage, outside of the girl’s view, Dad had his hand on the carriage and was doing all the work all along. But the little girl didn’t see it, and as far as she was concerned, she was happily doing everything.

I smiled. That’s a great Dad.

When God chose Abraham and his descendants to be His people, He specifically says He chose them because He loved them. He didn’t choose them because they were strong, or wealthy, or successful. He didn’t choose them because they were large or famous or talented, had good genes or were beautiful. No, just because He loved them. In fact, they happened to be the weakest, the smallest, and the poorest – they were nobodies and nomads, uncivilized. And the effect it has is this; as they go about doing the impossible, everyone scratches their head and think, there’s more at play here.

There’s a Dad’s hand doing all the work.

When Jesus is about to go about his mission, God announces to everyone: This is my beloved Son. Then, Jesus goes about his mission, he preaches and teaches like no one’s ever heard. He does miracles that no one’s ever seen. Making blind people regain their sight. Driving demons out of people. Making a storm stop cold in its tracks. Curing everyone who is sick. Raising people from the dead! But, here’s a man who has no formal education in theology, and he’s a carpenter’s son. He’s an anybody, or a nobody, from the poor social class. No wealth, no fame, no clout, not a success. So how is he doing all these things? Everyone’s thinking, there’s more at play here. It’s not just this guy.

Somewhere, there’s a Dad’s hand doing all the work.

If you feel that God calls you to do His work, remember: it’s not because He needs a worker. It’s because He loves you. It’s not because you’ve done well, or you’re talented, or you’ve got some resources. It’s just because you’re his daughter or son, and He’s your Dad. And if you’re not so successful, or if you’re poor, or you’ve got some big limitations or disabilities, or are all alone without any clout, and you feel like the invitation is way over your head – all the better. Don’t be afraid to respond.

You can do it, and be happy doing it.

Your Dad’s hand will be doing all the work.

No one has ever seen God. The only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has made him known. (Jn 1:18)


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