God At Work

Ecuador just recently had its presidential elections, like we had in the States back in November. In Ecuador there are a bunch of political parties, not just two or three, and so there are a lot of campaigns in the run-up to a primary they had in February. That means a lot of activity and promotions of all different types going on throughout the coutry. Well, after the primary, the top two face off in a final election, which was just recently. So In the political season, I open up facebook and see posts showing different candidates, and at the bottom of the posts, there are the likes, and the loves, and the red angry mad faces, plus 35 comments, which all means there’s a lot of arguments and hostility and division, just like you see here with politics. Civility goes away, people started speaking to people differently, and all kinds of bitterness comes out. Well, that’s politics. That’s how it is when people want to build something great. I call it, “Men At Work”.

But, see what makes this amazing is if we go back one year, the country of Ecuador is suffering from the worst earthquake in its history. All those people that are fighting now, it was completely different. A person in one of the hardest hit sites told me that after a few days without electricity or supplies, they wondered aloud, “What are we going to do?” And then, she said, trucks just started showing up. People from all around the country united of their own volition and chipped in. it didn’t matter if they were on the right or left or middle, all of that went away. All the Ecuadorians were united, they were all on great terms after the disaster!

Well, that’s what disaster does. God builds great things with disasters. That’s, “God At Work”.

You remember the story of the Tower of Babel? Everyone decides that they have to build a tower and make a name for themselves so that everyone stays together and are unified. They start to build the tower up from the ground, and then after a while, they’re not quite on the same page. They can’t understand each other. Then, some go this way, others go another, everything is left undone and all the different languages start. Everyone is scattered. And nobody knows the names of the people who tried to build the tower. That’s “Men At Work”.

In John’s Gospel, the day that Jesus comes riding into Jerusalem with the palms laid before him, he also has a little prayer to his Father. He tells Him that he is going to glorify His name, and of course God is going to glorify *his* name, too. And then Jesus says, “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all to myself.” (Jn 12:32) The lifting up of Jesus from the ground, humiliated and crucified, in unfathomable pain, is going to be done to completion and bring everyone together. And everyone will know the name of the Ones who built. That’s “God At Work.”

So, what’s the point? God doesn’t build like we do. When you have disaster, when you have suffering, failure, or humiliation, when you encounter your own weakness or woundedness or failure or dark side or sin or sickness, it’s *then* that God is building.

With you He can bring people together and build something great. Everyone will know His name and yours.

That’s “God At Work.”


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