Update on the Quake

Hi everyone, just a note to say that I’m in Quito and OK, we’ve not been directly affected with harm or property damage, although aftershocks keep people very nervous, even here in Quito. On the coast, rescue and relief workers are still recovering survivors, but from what I’ve seen on the local news and social media and heard from friends, there is an incredible amount of urgent work to be done and there are many villages that still haven’t been reached yet. But there’s a beautiful solidarity among the Ecuadorian people in the relief effort. I’m on my way back to the mountains for this week, and I’m hoping to head out into these efforts next week with some religious sisters and the organization Caritas. In the meantime, I’m working on providing a way that friends back home can help out with donations if desired, and hope to have that posted soon. Please keep everyone here in your prayers, especially that the hearts of the people might continue to bring good out of the tragedy. Thanks!

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