Checking In Safe

Just a note to say that I’m safe here in Ecuador. We felt that earthquake here in Chontal, we’re about 80 miles from the epicenter. The houses shook and there was some movement in the mountain and we lost power for a little while. But everyone’s fine and there’s no real damage here, thanks be to God. It was a loooong quake. Please join me in praying for those who’ve lost their lives, and for those who’ve lost livelihood.


4 thoughts on “Checking In Safe

  1. … the blessings of the internet, so glad seeing your update, grateful knowing you’re safe. The current count of the dead is 233 (Sunday halve-noon) and the media info seems slow to go public. Hoping your local area has been greatly sparred the grievous burden of this devastation and manages to find a way to assist the more immediate areas where damage occurred and help is needed. Keeping you in our prayers from pre-marathon Back-Bay

    • Thanks, Nick, where I’ve been there hasn’t been much damage, some homes up in the mountain have been affected. But the coast has really been affected. I’m hoping to put together a little fundraiser soon to collaborate with the people here who are giving. I hope you and the family are well, take care.

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