The apartment I live in is a small one. If you came into my living room/dining room/kitchen (yes, it’s all one room, a super-room), you would see a nice couch along one wall, a piano keyboard along another wall, against the third wall you’d find a fold up kitchen table with a couple of chairs, and the last wall would have the fridge and sink and cabinets and some counterspace. What you wouldn’t find is a stove. It’s that small that when I cook (not that often), I have to find some countertop space to put my electric rangetop.

My bedroom is small, too, and I have a small desk squeezed into a corner. I remember when I moved in I thought, this is a perfect fit. Meaning, everything just fits! So next to the desk there’s no room for anything. On the little desk that I am seated at right now, I have, along with some usual desk stuff, a computer and monitor, a clipon desk lamp, a little fan, and a portable speaker. They all need to be plugged in. I also have a printer, but there is no space for it on the desk and there’s nowhere to put anything next to the desk. So, the only spot for the printer is behind me, on top of a file cabinet against the wall on the other side of the room (which is a small room, remember!).

So the time comes to plug everything in, the computer and monitor, the desklamp and fan, the charging cord for my phone, and of course, the printer. Printer power cables are not very long, so what that means is that I can’t have the power strip under the desk and against the wall in front of me and out of the way of everything. No, so the printer can gets its power, too, I have to put the power strip right next to me, where my feet can kick it all the time. With the power strip there, all the cables are flowing up to my desk top, across the desk and in the way of everything. And the printer power cord juts out of the power strip making a thick big black line climbing up the wall to reach the top of the file cabinet. And so it was until last week.

I don’t know what it was, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but it suddenly dawned on me: why don’t I just get one extension cord for the printer, and then I’ll be able to put the power strip in the place it should be. I can put it under the desk against the wall and out of the way of my feet, and very importantly, all the wires for the computer stuff can come up the back of the desk and be off the desk and out of the way and I can get all this real estate back on the top of the desk – and to top it all off, there will be no obvious wire going from the power strip next to my feet to the filing cabinet behind me, just a subtle extension cord along the ground that you can hardly see. Genius!

So one trip to Home Depot and one dollar and 70 cents later, it was done. Now, there are no wires on my desktop and I’ve reclaimed the whole workspace. There is no power strip in the way of my feet, and I can swing my feet around and swivel my chair on nervous phone calls all I want without kicking power equipment. And, there is no obvious big black cable crawling up the wall next to me.

My printer was holding back the power strip with its neediness, taking away my real estate and my freedom at my desk. One $1.70 extension cord fixed everything. The printer’s got its power, and I’ve got my real estate and freedom at my desk, and everything is in the place it’s supposed to be.

Adding in that one extension changed everything. It freed everything up to be where it fits best.

We are like the printer. We all come with these power cords, because we need to be connected to God. God is where we get our energy, our life, our spirit and our dreams. And you know what, our power cords come a little short for all of us to be connected to God and be all one big, happy functioning family.

We need extensions.

That’s what you see in everything that Jesus did. One little touch of his garment and the woman with twelve years of hemorrhages was healed. One word, and Lazarus rises from the dead. One touch of Jesus’ hand, and a blind man receives his sight. One word, and Peter is walking on water, and when he starts to drown, Jesus extends one hand and pulls him up. Jesus is not overturning political parties and he’s not rearranging people and lives.

He’s being the extension we need to God.

Jesus lets everyone be where they are and he extends to where we’re at. He gives us that one little thing that we need, that makes us all free to be who we really are meant to be.

He gives us extension.

“You extend your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” (Acts 5:30)

Extension Cord


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