Friends In Low Places

I have a realization to share.

I have come to realize that I don’t have friends in high places. I don’t have friends who are governors or mayors or city councilors. I don’t have friends who are influential priests or bishops or laypeople in the church. I don’t have friends in positions of CEOs or business owners, or big time doctors or medical staff. I don’t have friends who are famous or powerful or wealthy.

No, I have come to realize that I have friends in low places. Among the average Joes, I have friends who have been hospital patients, nursing home residents, prisoners. I have friends from communities of the disabled. I have friends among the homeless, recovering addicts, ex-cons, people with mental illness. I have friends from poor villages in Ecuador.

Now, why do I share that? Because when I need help, I can’t count on any of my powerful or wealthy or famous friends to help me out. They don’t exist! That leaves me with one person:


And that’s the best Friend to have.

Jesus made friends in low places. Not the religious or political leaders, not the businesspeople in the trade capital of the ancient world, not the medical professionals or the high profile athletes or actors or the media of the day. Some fishermen with tough luck, odd rebels, a tax collector. Then, the sick, blind, poor, deaf, the disabled. The dead. The criminals on the cross.

When Jesus needed help, when he needed to inspire and give life to people’s hearts, he didn’t call in the priests for help. When he needed bread to feed 5,000 people, he didn’t pull strings with the big bread-making company. When someone was in need of healing, he didn’t hook up with the Patriots’ doctor and get him on the scene. He didn’t do those things because he didn’t have friends in those places. He had friends in low places. There was only one person to look to for help:


He had the best Friend you could have.

See, I think we are naturally afraid to be with people in low places because we are afraid of having no one to help us, to butter our bread when we need it, to make our life easier. We are afraid of not having what we need. But when we have no one in high places to help us, when all our friends are in low places, we are not alone. There is one person that we can turn to.


The best Friend we could have.

Assyria will not save us;
We will not trust in our armies,…
Because in you the orphan finds mercy.
(Hosea 14:3)

Friends in low places


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