You’ll Be Lucky To Have Him

When I was in the seminary, I had a great teacher for New Testament Greek. Why do I say that? Because we learned fast. We learned the whole alphabet the first class. We learned vocabulary well and we were translating sentences within the first semester. I still, after almost 4 years, remember the vocab and a lot of the grammar. I use the Greek a lot when I read the Bible and I want to get “under the hood” on the translation.

But here’s the thing: he wasn’t taught that way. No, he tells us that the way he was taught was through a lot of long, boring, ineffective classes. He tells us, “You guys are lucky to have me.” I agree!

Here was a guy that could take a long learning process and turn it into something really short and effective. That’s a miracle.

Some people like the creation story in the Bible. Some people take it literally. Some people say it’s a myth. Some say it makes no sense and we should go with science. I’ll tell you what I think.

I am an engineer by education and profession and I love the creation story. It’s because it takes all that huge mountain of great science that would fill libraries and libraries of books, and it presents the whole essence of it all in one single page. Whether it’s literal or myth, that is a miracle! And I am lucky to have it!

Jesus prepared for 30 years before he began his mission. Then, he gets 12 guys and gives them a three year preparation, and expects them to go and do the same things he did. How is that?? It’s because he can take a long learning process and turn it into something very short. He can do miracles.

If you think that Jesus is calling you to do something big in short time, don’t be afraid, give him your yes. He can give you all the preparation you need in a very short time. He can do miracles.

You’ll be lucky to have him.

With the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (2 Peter 3:8)

Prepared Not Unprepared

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