Give to the Poor

Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far – we’re well over 1/3 of the way there! Many homes were destroyed and this small, poor community is struggling for its existence. Please consider giving if you haven’t had the chance yet, and please consider sharing the link with others. It’s a chance to share some of your blessings in life and help me to lift up friends who are the world’s poor. Whatever you do for them, you do for me too – I’m matching 10% of everything given. Thanks for considering, and please share this link!

In fidelity to the spirit of the Beatitudes, the Church is called to be on the side of those who are poor and oppressed in any way. I therefore exhort the disciples of Christ and all Christian communities – from families to dioceses, from parishes to religious institutes – to carry out a sincere review of their lives regarding their solidarity with the poor. (Mission of the Redeemer, St John Paul II, 1993.)


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