A New Blog!

And then there were two.

B2B FrontpageThere’s a second blog for us now. Yes a second. I’ve put together a new blog for my mission in Ecuador, called Barriers to Bridges – Come by and visit: http://barriers2bridges.com/

In fact, I’m going to stop posting my updates here from Ecuador, and let this blog go back to what it’s for: reflections and meditations about finding the hidden God in life. Because of the limits of free blog hosting, I really couldn’t integrate the two themes (the reflections and the Ecuador mission) into one blog, without holding one of the two themes back from being what it can be.

So now there are two.

I’m hoping for a launch of Barriers to Bridges this weekend on the feast of the Baptist of the Lord, and after that, the Bridge to Ecuador tab and posts that you’ve been finding here will be gone :(.

But don’t worry, all the past – and future 🙂 – posts will be available at Barriers to Bridges. http://barriers2bridges.com/

So come by A Living Monstrance if you want to read my spiritual reflections that I’m glad to share. Or, stop by Barriers to Bridges to keep up with – and share in – the mission to Ecuador. Or both!

You can sign up for each one.

I hope you can join me!


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