I live here in Ecuador with Fr Martin and a Deacon, David. I often tell David that my favorite day of the week is el lunes, or Monday. “What do you mean?” he asks. Well I said, lunes in english is Monday, and every time you speak I’m always asking, “Mande?” (“What?”) I pronounce it exactly like Monday.

I am always saying mande to people, always asking people what they said. Now, I could stop asking and let the comments sail by. I could find a safe place and stop growing. I could even say it’s all too much and leave. But I keep asking mande because I want to learn the language, I want to know the people, I want to live life with the people.

God speaks to us all the time, every day. Life’s events come at us, and God is always speaking through them. Us? We’re confused. Now we have a few choices. We can let it sail by. We can check out of living with God. Or, we can let that desire to live with Him lead us, and we can keep asking, “What?”

Each day I try to spend time in the church and with the Bible, with the rosary. I am asking God, “Mande?”

Because I want to know Him, I want to live with Him.

Jesus says today that if we keep His Word, He and the Father will come and live with us. This is the gift. If we want it, then He offers for us to learn His language. It means we can keep going back to Him to ask Him every day (and not just Monday):


“Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him.” (Jn 14:23)


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