The Chosen One

On the trip to Ecuador, we visited a little village called Cerro Pelado. In the day, all the schoolchildren were together with us for Mass and then some english classes and a lot of games. I noticed one little girl who was never happy.

So we were all playing duck duck goose together and it seemed like everyone had gotten picked, and then I got picked and landed in a spot right next to this little girl. I saw she had a Divine Mercy pendant on her neck. She still looked miserable, because I noticed that she hadn’t been picked all game. After I saw the Divine Mercy pendant, I thought to myself, that’s gonna change real fast.

So, I prayed in my heart that I might get picked next, so I could pick her. Sure enough, the very next round I got picked.

Of course I lost the race for the seat, and now I had the joy of choosing this one girl who hadn’t been picked all game. The rest of the day that I saw her, she had a smile on her face. I bet she remembers me as the one who got chosen and then chose her.

When Jesus asked his apostle who people said that he was, they told him what the popular opinion was. The popular opinion had a lot of guesses, but it missed. That’s because they didn’t know Him. Then He asked the apostles what they thought. And Peter told Him, You are the Chosen One. See, Peter was next to Him a lot, he got to see how Jesus wanted to be chosen by His Father so He could choose him and a lot of others that the popular would never want. Peter experienced His Mercy, and he knew that that’s who Jesus is. The Chosen One.

The ones who are most important to Jesus aren’t the successful or comfortable or the book-smart or the ones with all the friends on facebook. He wants to choose the ones that are the have-nots, suffering, simple, on the outside of the popularity circle. That’s His Mercy. That’s who He is. The Chosen One.

So if you find yourself in the game and you’re not being picked, have faith, have patience. There is One who is chosen to come and choose you, and He will change your misery into joy.

That’s His Mercy. That’s who He is. The Chosen One.

Come to him, to that living stone, rejected by men but in God’s sight chosen and precious. (1 Pt 2:4)


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