God Is A Great Love-It-All

Remember Adam and Eve? Garden of Eden, everything’s great living with God, and then everything goes wrong, right?

You know how the story goes: the serpent comes and tempts Eve and tells her to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But do you remember the line that got her, hook, line, and sinker? It was the serpent telling her that if she eats the fruit, she will be like God and know good and evil.

So, what’s wrong with wanting to be like God, I mean isn’t that what God wants? He made Adam and Eve and all of us in His image. The Lord Jesus tells us to follow Him. St. Paul tells us to be imitators of him as he is of Christ.

Ah, but here’s the twist. Being like God isn’t about knowing good and evil – it isn’t about knowing about things. God isn’t a great know-it-all. He is not a big Brain up in heaven. Being like God is about loving. Because God is a great love-it-all. That’s who He is.

That’s what I think went wrong with Adam and Eve. They had God all wrong. They didn’t know He was a Love-it-all. They didn’t know Him.

The Lord came for a my friend Rob last weekend. Rob lived a life that was at times a little wild, but when I went to the wake, I had a chance to talk to his family, who I love. “Rob always was authentic, he had a great heart,” I told his sister. “You know, everybody is saying that same thing. Everybody knows it, Rob had the best heart of all of us. And all his friends talk about is how he would do anything for them.” I went to his brother. “Rob was authentic, he had a great heart,” I said. “You know, Jerome, you know because you have a brother, we were close and would do everything together when we were kids. But Rob would always give, he was always there to do anything for anyone.”

Rob died from complications due to open heart surgery.

You know what makes Jesus the new Adam, why God made Him the King? It’s because He knows His Father. On the Cross, when He’s laying down His life for each of us, when He’s forgiving everyone who crucified Him, when He’s raising up a criminal to heaven in one day, when a soldier’s piercing His Heart and the last vestiges of His Blood pour out, He is showing us His open Heart. He is proclaiming who His Father is:

God is a great Love-it-all.

That’s the voice of the King.

“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.” (Jn 12:32)

Robert Bird, 1971 – 2010

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