There Is Something Precious In Your Heart

When I had the opportunity to visit Ecuador, we had a chance to visit a precious metals mine. As we were going, I asked Fr. Julian where it was. “El Corazón.” In english, The Heart. That is the name of the town where the mine is.

When we got there, I asked the engineer Miguel some questions about the mine. What happens first is some people come in to survey the land scientifically and find out the places to start digging to find the gold and silver. Then, they get to work setting up the equipment, and doing all the excavating work. When they get pieces that might have metals in them, them put them through the refining process, a seven-step process that purifies the metals. Then, they have a finished product. And they are generous with their finished product.




The Blessed Virgin Mary has a precious metals mine in her heart. She knows the places to dig in it to find God’s Precious Words, and it is most precious to her. But his mother kept all these events in her heart. (Lk 2:51) She worked hard in them all her life, and she put her findings through a purifying process. But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart. (Lk 2:19) And now she generously offers us her finished product, God’s Precious Words, purified. The words of the LORD are words that are pure, silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times. (Ps 12:6)

She offers us her Rosary.

See, each of us has a precious metals mine in our hearts. We don’t have to go looking out and all over the place to find our joy. We spend much of our time doing a lot of good or necessary or pleasant things and can’t find real peace, but we leave our own mine in our hearts untouched. Each of us has God’s Precious Words in our hearts, buried underneath, and we leave it undug. We need someone to show us how to find the places to dig, how to get the right digging equipment, how to refine and purify what we dig up, how to be generous with it, and, on top of it all, to do it all with us.

We basically need an expert heart miner with a whole lifetime of availability for each of us.

Well, we have just the person. We have our Mother Mary.

We have her Rosary.

I learned without guile and I impart without grudging; I do not hide her wealth, for it is an unfailing treasure for men. (Wisdom 7:14)

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2 thoughts on “There Is Something Precious In Your Heart

  1. hi Jerome

    first off, i hope you continue with this blog … what you write about and what you have been shown up to now has been ‘spot on’ … please continue it 🙂

    and now, ‘Yes’ the treasures! they are all around, and, there are many many more inside each of us … i have recently discovered the treasure/gift of ‘forgiveness’ wow! how great it is to realize this fantastic ‘tool’ placed inside of me from birth … i’ve been useing it all my life but never understood it, until actually …. this morning … and now, i read your writings … and, are you sure you didn’t write this one for me?
    i do have a Rosary from my altar boy days … but, i’m thinking of getting another one … there’s a place i’ve been going to for 30+ years now, Saint Francis chapel at the Pru mall …
    so, this is where i will buy it …
    ps: i’ve said a prayer & lit a candle for you and your mom and i plan to say another …

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