Some More Good News

Some good and surprising news: The blog has become a book!

I can hardly believe it myself – it just came to be in the last 2 months. A few years ago, at the beginning, an acquaintance suggested putting the blog entries into a book. I thought that if it lasted long enough to reach 150 entries, the number of the psalms, I would collect them into a book if I had the time and circumstances allowed. Well, it reached that count at the end of May, and a lot of the circumstances I was in pointed positively in that direction. So, online at, you can find the book, which is just a collection of the first 150 blog entries – just click on the book cover below:

book cover

It costs $9.62, which is the minimum cost that can be charged, the publisher’s cost. I don’t make any money on it, and I’d gladly give it away for free if I could. There is a free download in pdf format also available here at

It is called “Flowers in Winter”, and I believe it has the hand of Our Lady of Guadalupe in it. It is, in a real way, my own “tilma” filled with flowers picked in the middle of “winter”. I had the opportunity to give the first copy directly to Cardinal O’Malley. (I have no idea what he thinks of it, but he was very polite in accepting it …) Again, I can’t take much credit here, all I did was write down what I saw for two years, and it became a book.

Thanks be to God!


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