Her Love Endures Forever


Thanks be to God for His Mercy! The church St. Michael the Arcangel was built in a small town in Ecuador for the local people in memory of my mother Ruth. It is her gift and mine given in thanksgiving to God for His Mercy through the Franciscan Missions. The first Mass and blessing was on April 17, and I had the privilege to be there with the mission team. It was a very special time, to say the least!

For some more pictures and little bit of annotating, click here. It’s about half way down the page The Divine Mercy and Mom.

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5 thoughts on “Her Love Endures Forever

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  2. Jerome, I really enjoyed reading this beautiful account of the workings of God and grace and love’s endurance as your post title suggests. It’s a beautiful church – a legacy of love.

  3. Gabrielle, thanks for posting on your site – I knew that God was doing something great, but, gladly, I had no idea what it would be. There is so much depth to it, it’s hard to even begin to unwrap the whole gift… the Lord said one time to Sr. Josefa Menendez, “Fear nothing. My work is wrought in the dark, but when it sees the light, all will wonder at its every detail.”
    I did a cable access TV show presentation on the church, and I should have the DVD soon. I’ll try to post it up to Youtube and link it.
    Also, there is a book coming very soon.
    And there are other things happening as well…

    Ann, thanks for your sharing. I am hoping that by sharing, people find edification in their faith and trust in the Gospel. You fulfill my hope!

  4. Jerome, Sr. Josefa is my forever patron saint; I love her so much.

    You are bursting with works for the Lord! Looking forward to watching/reading when everything is ready!

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