Lady of Mercy

Yesterday morning I was helping out at the homeless ministry in Boston that I chip in with. Near the end of our time, a very young couple came by, the young woman in a wheelchair. Unmarried and with a recently born son, they had lost their housing, and their children were staying with the father’s parents. They said they just happened to be passing by, and stopped with us. They were able to pick up some food and some personal supplies, and had the chance to pray with us. As my friend Marie and I sent them off at the end, they said, “We’re going to try to come back every Saturday. And we can help out giving out the food, too.” I could only say to them, “You are very blessed.”

Shortly afterwards, I got to talking with Marie and she began telling me about a priest who has an original image of Our Lady of Mercy, the patroness of the community of St. Maria Faustina, who inaugurated the devotion to the Divine Mercy that is spreading throughout the world today. And then she began to show me all the things she gathers to bring to the nursing homes she goes to. “I get the old missalettes from the church when they are going to throw them out. They have the Word of God in them, you know, and I bring them in. I get leftover church bulletins, some of them have crossword puzzles, I’ll cut out images from some, and a lot of them have a spiritual thought for the week. I give these to the elderly in the nursing homes and they love them.” She was so excited to get all the other people’s leftovers and junk. Because she turns them into the greatest gifts.

Mary is the Mother of Mercy. She is Our Lady of Mercy because she is a mirror of God – she is just like Him. She looks for the people that others don’t want, the world’s leftovers and left-outs, the ones that are the world’s trash, that are useless to the world. She finds these people and she’s very excited. She turns them into the greatest gifts for God and others. They are very blessed.

Are you one of these? Are you the world’s leftover, a left-out, a ‘useless’ one? Then come to Mary and the Church, and you will be very blessed. You will become a great gift for God and for many people.

And you’ll know Mary as your Lady of Mercy.

“For your power depends not upon numbers, nor your might upon men of strength; for you are God of the lowly, helper of the oppressed, upholder of the weak, protector of the forlorn, savior of those without hope.” (Judith 9:11)

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2 thoughts on “Lady of Mercy

  1. hi Jerome

    Thank you for all the wonderful stories. I’ve been reading them for close to a year now. Sometimes, I feel as though a particular story, like this one, is meant just for me, of course, it’s here for all. As an example, just this morning, memorial day, I was finally understanding my true self, who I really am. And, before I read this story, I finally realized that this is not a bad thing. Even me, useless to the world, I know there is something great that God has planned for me, and he knows how excited & eager I am to help. In this life, we need more hands (to hold other hands) and more benches, to sit with others… 🙂

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