The Visitation

There haven’t been any new posts recently on the main page because I’ve been trying by the Lord’s grace to finish a description of the recent visitation of the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. But now it’s done, so if you’d like to see and read about some of the visits, you can click on the page at the left called The Missionary Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe Boston 2009. I hope it’s helpful for you in your spiritual life.

4 thoughts on “The Visitation

  1. Through a process of wandering tonight from site to link to site to link and so on, I have landed here. Your blog title drew me. I have read only a little of your material and plan to return. What I’d like to say for now is that your title is stunning to me on a deeply personal level. It corresponds to a recent new height… a further evolution of spirit… or maybe evolution in relating to Jesus. I don’t how to describe it yet because I haven’t written about it yet, that is I haven’t explored it thoroughly. ANYway, I didn’t mean to ramble here. I just wanted to let you know your blog title is so very delightful and meaningful to me. God bless you now and always…

  2. You’ve done a beautiful job and a great deal of work on the new Page, Jerome; I’m only about halfway through reading it, but will return to finish. Enjoying very much reading about the details in each location.

  3. Thanks, Carol and Gabrielle, praise God for the gift of His grace. I’m just the messenger, and a very weak one at that. I am glad you find it edifying.

    Aspiring, thank you for your kind words and support, and come by any time. I hope your journey continues joyfully with Our Lady.

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