Become God's Mirror

Marian apparitions have occurred more frequently in the past two hundred years, and especially in the last century. Some are authentic, and some are a little bogus. But did you notice that, in her authentic visitations, the Blessed Virgin always appears privately to only a single person, or just to a few? These people are always “nobodies”, people who aren’t on the radar screen in society. They are often children. They are always the littlest and humblest. These little ones then deliver her message to the world.

There are St. Juan Diego in Mexico City; St. Catherine Labouré at Rue de Bac, France; St. Bernadette at Lourdes, France; Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta at Fatima, Portugal; Alphonsine, Nathalie , and Marie Claire at Kibeho, Rwanda; and many others.

So, why doesn’t the Blessed Mother communicate to the whole world directly?

In the Old Testament, God shows us that He always communicates directly with a “nobody”, who He then charges to pass along His message to the people. Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, to name a few. Even the Hebrews themselves were nobodies. But this is how God reveals Who He is, by choosing the nobodies to deliver His message.

Now, by doing the same, Mary shows us how she is so bound in love to God and that she does what He does. She never does anything that God is not doing. That is why she is so special to Him. Since he clings to me in love I will free him, protect him for he knows my name. (Ps 91:14)

She is a perfect mirror of Jesus her Son: “The disciple is not above his master: but every one shall be perfect, if he be as his master.” (Lk 6:40)

And He is the perfect Revelation of God: Then Jesus answered, and said to them: Amen, amen, I say unto you, the Son cannot do any thing of himself, but what he sees the Father doing: for what things soever he does, these the Son also does in like manner. (Jn 5:19)

The Lord does not want us to think we’re going to make a big impact in the world. The most important thing we do is not in the results we get, whether it’s in our relations, at our work, or in the Church. No, He just wants us to be with Him, doing what He is doing. That’s all.

He wants us to be His mirror. That’s how He reveals Himself to the world.


3 thoughts on “Become God's Mirror

  1. “Marian apparitions have occurred more frequently in the past two hundred years, and especially in the last century.”

    For years I have heard from many different Catholic sources that we are living in the “Age of Grace”. Fairly recently, I have begun to hear that we are living in the “Age of Mary”. They are both beautifully true and connected, for Mary is the Mediatrix of all Graces. She guides us gently but surely in our little tasks for the Lord.

  2. Gabrielle, that she does, doesn’t she? It seems that she is always thriftly and silently and hiddenly working to “set us up”, so to speak.

    I do believe it’s the Age of Grace, the Age of Mary. I think we are living the Foot of the Cross, with Divine Mercy and consecration to Mary … Grace and Mary!

    Another reason I think of her role as coming to the fore is that she is, in a way, the humanity of Jesus. In these times, I suppose our culture is very self- or human-centered, especially with atheism. It is about the head, the intellect, very masculine. We might say our culture has lost its mind because it’s lost contact with its humanity. Pope John Paul II’s light was very much anthropological and focusing on our humanity. I think it’s Our Lady who brings us back to our true humanity…

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