All You've Got

The other morning I set out as usual to go to the car, and after I closed the front door and began to walk down the front steps, I felt my foot slide. Whoa. I looked down more closely, then I looked around. The whole stairs, the sidewalk, the car, the street – everything was covered with ice.

So a little later in the morning I set out to walk to church. Once I first set out down the street, I slowly began to breathe in the fresh air. I looked up at the sky for the first time in the day, and noticed a pulse of the sun hidden from everyone’s attention. Vibrant colors trickled out from around it and seemed to envelope my thoughts, and … plunk! … I was on the ground. Just like that, my feet went out from under me.

“Are you OK?” a neighbor asked. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I laughed.

And I got right back up, and continued on. I didn’t give up and go back. I didn’t worry or become afraid of the next steps. I did walk with a little more attention to the slippery stuff. “OK, OK, Lord, I get it.” You know why? Because I wanted to be with the Lord, going to church, to my Father’s house.

It’s that important to me. It’s all I’ve got.

So many times the disciples put their foot in the their mouths. Like the time Samaritans rejected the Lord, and then James and John asked Him if they should “command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them.” (Lk 9:54) Or the time Peter doubted the Lord and gave in to fear as he walked on water. But each time, they got right back up, they tried to learn the lesson, and went forward in the way. Why? Because they were with the Lord. They were going to their Father’s house.

It was that important to them. It’s all they had. And so they changed the world.

As we journey to our Father’s house, Our Lord warns us of slippery dangers along the way: “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves.” (Jn 10:16) He even tells us how to avoid them and overcome them. But we all will be tested, and we all will fall some time: “For in many things we all offend.” (Jam 3:2) When you do, in order to get back up and continue on the way, you’ll have to answer the question:

How important is it to you? How important is it to be with Jesus, going to our Father’s house?

Is it all you’ve got?


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