Having God In Our Heart

How does God come into our hearts? How do we come to really and truly know Him and love Him?

A little story …

I had a wonderful girlfriend who I loved. You know how I can tell that I loved her? It’s because I came to love turtles. Confused? Alright, this takes some explaining.

You see, she loved turtles. A lot. Turtle pictures, ceramic turtles. Turtle keychain. Turtle paperweights. I think you get the picture.

So, you know what? I began to love turtles, too. But, in a different way. I loved to get them so that she could have them, because she loved them. But that also meant that I would have them, too, because we were together. So, I got turtle chocolates, turtle knickknacks, turtle statues. I began to love what she loved. What was in her heart was now in my heart.

How did it get there? I didn’t plan it. I didn’t start out loving turtles – I had no particular affinity for them. It got there because her heart was now inside my heart. That’s how I know I loved her. I know I loved her because I loved turtles.

Now, you may not have an affinity for Jesus. Maybe the Mass goes at a turtle’s pace for you. Maybe reading the Bible is like watching dry old turtles bask in the sun.

But there is someone else whose heart is filled with all of this. Mary kept Jesus inside her heart. She kept the Word of God in her heart.

If you receive Mary to be your Lady, you will come to love Jesus, too. He will come into your heart.

Then, you will have God in your heart.

He that receives you, receives me: and he that receives me, receives him that sent me.” (Mt 10:40)

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