Jesus' Success

You may have noticed that one of the posts has been removed from the blog.  It was called the same as this, “Jesus’ Success.”  What happened?

Well, a good friend had a problem with it.  She posted a comment about it, but the comments have to pass through me, first.  “Hold on,” I thought.  “Why is she publicly criticizing the blog?  Why doesn’t she just come to me first.  This is going to interfere with the purpose of the blog.  She’s missing the point of it.  I’m going to speak to her in person.”

I was ready with my defenses.  You see, writing something like this blog has been a big desire of mine for years now.  Sharing what the Lord has done for me is the primo goal of my life now.  On top of it, I am an engineer who is out of work.  You know what happens when an engineer cannot be productive at creating things?  You know what happens when an engineer has no project to work on?  He goes nuts.  The blog is my only creative outlet right now, the only place where I feel like I am being productive, my only tangible project.  It makes me feel like I’m succeeding at something.

So I called her up.  We had a short conversation, and I asked her why she didn’t speak to me in person about the post.  She said, “Well, you’re intimidating.”  “I’m intimidating?” I thought.  I tried to reassure her that she could talk about anything with me, I’m open to anything.  She seemed relieved.  I thought I had given some good reasons why the post should stay as it is.  But after the conversation, I kept thinking, “Am I intimidating?  Jesus is not intimidating.  Mary’s not intimidating.  They are the gentlest People that exist.  Who wants to be intimidating?” 

I went to Our Lady in prayer and said, “What should I do?  I’ll do whatever you want.”  I started telling her all about it.  She responded, “She is my child, Jerome.”  Suddenly, I understood.

After he denied Christ and the Lord was crucified and buried, Peter was in a limbo.  His life must have come to a complete stop.  What does he do now?  He was jobless because he had given up everything for the Lord.  He must have felt aimless.  And so, he went fishing: “I am going fishing.”  (Jn 21:3)  I bet it was the only creative outlet for him, the only way he could feel productive and successful at that point.  And with the Lord’s help, he and the disciples had a big catch.

But when he brought the great success of his labor to the Lord, the Lord asked him, “Do you love Me more than these?”  (Jn 21:15)  After Peter confessed Yes, I guess so, the Lord replied, “Feed My lambs.” (Jn 21:15)

The Lord’s sheep are more important than the projects, even if the project is spreading the Gospel, even if it is the only thing you’ve got.  Feeding the one sheep the Lord sends him is Peter’s only true success.

We are the Lord’s children.  My friend is one of His children.  She is infinitely precious to Him, loved by Him with an indescribable love.  The blog is all for her.  The project is all about her.

“He that sent me is with me, and he has not left me alone. For I do always the things that please him.” (Jn 8:29)

That’s Jesus’ only true success.  It is ours, too.

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